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  • 1100LPlanetary power mixe

  • 300LPlanetary power mixer

  • 600LPlanetary power mixer

  • Strong dispersing machine

  • 5000L-Strong dispersion m

  • 600L-Strong dispersion ma

  • 600L-Planetary mixer

  • 200L-Planetary stirrer

  • 100L-Planetary stirrer

  • 50L-30000L/Jacketed react

  • 1000LVacuum Kneading mach

  • Vacuum dispersing machine
Years of experience in research and development, you trust
Hengyuan Machinery Equipment Company has many years of experience in machinery and equipment, to explore the principle of various machinery and equipment constantly, explore the premise with mechanical working accuracy, to reduce the mechanical operation cost as the goal, to ensure that each piece of equipment with high efficiency and energy saving, stable production!
Senior technical engineer team, excellent research and development technology
Hengyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. since its inception, the spirit of science and technology for progress, to the quality of survival concept, gathered a group of engineers with years of rich experience in mechanical equipment, using imported automation class, with the ingenious design of the machinery, high-tech research and development of machinery and equipment to create a distinctive the.
Absolutely full inspection, high precision mechanical debugging
Each machine Hengyuan force R & D and production, before the sales, quality inspection departments repeatedly debugging, ensure that all aspects of standard machine precision, energy level and stability, more engineers for 100% inspection again on the mechanical, always use benefit of customers in the first place.
Perfect after-sales service system, to give you the best
The sale of each piece of equipment from the sealed packaging, logistics and transportation, technical support to customer service, are in the heart of service for you, let you no worries!

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About us
Foshan Hengyuanli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized in silicone glass glue, lithium battery anode material (cladding equipment), lithium battery slurry, MS building sealant, automotive polyurethane sealant, Led glue, electronic glue, adhesive , resin, stone glue, home improvement glue / beauty liquid agent, organic liquid fertilizer and other production equipment and supporting products research and development, design, manufacturing, installation, service of professional integrated company.
After years of continuous development, the company now has a group of experienced R&D, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales personnel. It has laid a solid foundation for the company to produce high quality products and sustainable development.

Honorary certificate

Increasing industrial concentration

     The China Machinery Federation announced the list of the top thirty enterprises of China machinery and the automobile industry。 Statistics show that in 2014, the top 100 machinery and the top thirty automobile enterprises completed the main business income of 54772 b。。。

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    Foshan Hengyuan Machinery Equipment Co。, Ltd。 is a professional engaged in anode material coated reactor equipment re

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